May 2010 Edition

The Mobile Unconference is a great chance to meet other mobile devs & entrepreneurs to discuss how your mobile software might change the world. No frills, no strings attached, no marketing-speak, only folks like you who make the mobile world. Remember, the Mobile Unconference is all about YOU!

Speakers  & Schedule

  • 10.00 Opening
  • 13.00 Lunch (included!)
  • 17:00 Drinks (included!)

Because this is an unconference, we want you to be a speaker! For starters, we already do have some interesting talks to announce:

  • Microsoft on Windows Phone 7 & Marketplace
  • Roomloaded</a> mobile joystick platform using Roomware
  • Zeemote on how to use their controller
  • Distimo will compare the app stores
  • Scoreloop on mobile connected gaming communities